Losing weight

This is just a blurb of a poem that I want to do. I haven’t worked out all of the details, but I would love to make a poem detailing my experiences with my losing weight.

Why does it work?

When I stopped seeing it as a nuisance,

and began to see it as a skill

to better myself,

that was when I started to succeed.

I am not sure how to encapsulate any moment into words about my experience in weight loss. How do you talk about the disappointment of the scale some days? The days where chocolate seems like it will be the only one who understands you? When you feel “too fat” to run? Days where you feel accomplished because you have 3 calories to spare?

I would love to actually get a good handle on this. I am trying to imagine this singular image, this one thing that I would like to show my creative writing class. How do you pick?


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