A Lover’s Response to John Donne’s “The Dream”

I am more like a spider than you could possibly know.
Of course I knew the dream you had.
I am a spy to your soul, and I read you, my prey.
Pray that you do not succumb to my haunting melody,
my siren’s call will alter your perception permanently.
Run before it is too late.
I am only interested to catch you,
and though my blows seem harmless, they are planned webbing, and I spin it around you.
You wish freedom, but I sedate you with
fangs that penetrate deep into your soul, and I will infect your mind.
I am not sweet or kind, look beyond my mask, and see me for what I am.
If you walk willingly into my web, I will descend on you,
don’t think for a moment that your pretty words have so moved me past my basic instinct.
Stay at arms distance
or lose yourself completely.


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