Hiking With Collin

I can see your face in every rock, tree and mountain,
slipping into verdant boughs, a wind shorn lullaby.
We dance below the trees,
kicking up the dust as old joints
creak and crack to keep up
with our hearts.
Where we go we haven’t decided because the forest leads this tour,
sparking even the smallest
hope within our minds
that we were once a part of nature,
not so manmade.
Kissing under cover of the shades
of leaf laden branches,
we were one together,
a unit of minds traveling.

The stars could only imitate my muted
exaltations, burning, thankfully, billions of light years that they might never reach your ears so long as you live.
As I gaze into your eyes,
and you return to me,
the zypher in my stomach,
makes my limbs awkward and clumsy.
Let me breathe the air around you,
drink you in, and consume every thought and nook and cranny of your wayward soul, in conversation.

Tell me that you love me, and confess that maybe this strange epiphany is not so one-sided.
Walk beside me.
Say my name.
Whispering every syllable, not extravagant, sarcastically, or even as a joke to a friend.
Tell me sincerely so that I might know for myself how you feel.
Hearing on your breath the catch in your throat, and the timorous way that you exhale, and sound caresses past your lips,
sweet music.
In your arms, time stands still, and we contemplate the message of the cosmos.
Consciousness entwined, as a pair of people make their way
in finding what lays just beyond
the horizon.

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