The essence of a fool

When I don’t understand something,
make fun of it
because laughing is
so much more rewarding than actually
thinking about how my words affect others.
Words are just words.
I religiously defend monogamy,
and just as adamantly deny the use of love and connection.
Gentleness is weakness in disguise,
and double standards are somewhat
of a specialty of mine.
Also, I will use your emotions against you,
and ask you not to feel around me,
because it makes me uncomfortable to
know that something I did upset you.
I love everyone, but they don’t know how to correctly love me.
Constantly, I will try to sound wise,
offering, people suffering around me
Narcissism prey to vanity, and they will flock to me,
bleeding praise because I breathe and eat the same bullshit
everyone else is using.
Hashtags, swag, and condescension,
because everyone should think what I think,
and no one should think I am not funny.

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