A Morning Daydream

I like to imagine ancient Greece,
philosophers sitting on open steps,
during the middle of a cooling
afternoon at some semi-crowded
courtyard, near the vendors,
a fountain.

Their rich nature, in olives,
grapes, and maza.
A society of civilized people
disdaining overindulgece,
valuing culture and morals,

I wonder if I would have stood at
the feet of some superior logic,
delighting in the discourse,
my own Meno experience.

To try my hand at deeper thinking,
delving to existentialism,
attempting to uncover nature,
and miracles alike.
Defining every virtue,
searching for the universal understanding, knowing
that my thoughts that travel to
the very edge of reason
are valued.

I wish lofty thoughts
were appreciated.
Greece would have thought us


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