Brightening and Deminishing

Do you cry in shadows,
finding solice
under staircases, between every social
interaction that goes wrong?
I move to expression,
entwining our perdition,
pernicious to a fault, in my own tongue.
Forgive me.
I didn’t mean to strike the notes
between my lips and teeth
revealing my true feelings.
I am harsh and judging even as a friend.
I loathe that you would still me,
because I am so confused,
between words with love,
and poison,
and yet I do not like becoming jealous.
I move away to distance me,
hoping to drift away on seperate
ice bergs,
looking into each other’s eyes,
across the inky blue water,
and vowing to never speak again.

Float away,
I am ever so good at endings…


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