A non-poem update

This year has been so full of surprises and love for me. I got published in my school’s magazine, I met Mary Szybist (actually ate a meal right next to her), got a scholarship for my poetry, and ended the semester on a very high note, gradewise.

I haven’t posted a lot of my poems from school, but rather used this blog as a sort of free expression of what I was feeling or what I felt like writing about. This started as a place to practice and see what I liked and to share it with others. I have read so many good poems, and it has made me want to get better.

Something happened the day of my poetry reading. When my professor asked us for an introduction to give us for each of the students in my creative writing class. I didn’t know what to put. I put my major, my minor, and my classification. When he suggested adding something about what we wanted to do after college, I put an evasive “Something cool with writing, possibly technical writing.” He read it out loud to all of the department on the day of my poetry reading, and turned to me with a plea of “don’t waste your creativity on someone who doesn’t appreciate it.” It struck me, and made me realize how unfair it was to hide my dream from people who would support it.

In essence, I want to write storylines  for videogames, and more specifically design characters for videogames. It’s a somewhat hard field to break into, but it’s what I want to do. When I told my professor this, he replied with “I wish I could have told the English Department this the night of the poetry reading.”
I’m not used to people telling me to “go for it.” Definitely not used to people telling me I have talent, but it makes me want to become a better writer in every aspect. Poetry has made me realize rhythms of words in the English language, and has given me a great respect of the classic artists who penned the first great works.

I write all of this, and I hope that someone is inspired to go out and try for what ignites them. More updates to come.

Thank you followers for giving me encouragement and making me want to get better at this.



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