Un-quiet Chaos

Upon a pier I often roost
there among the soft yellow
swaths of light that dim
the speckled stars above,
sky-face touching sea
laden with heaven’s reflection.

The darkness now treads
above the nervous waves,
like a whispering fog
never quite touching.

I felt it mingle amongst the seafoam,
as if tasting,
testing salty breath,
and wondered if it could be anything,
but you.

The lights that kept me safe
now flicker.
One by one extinguished
the same way my interest in you

Soon, I will be caught
in total eclipse,
a net of darkness to wrap around,
strangling my wings.

Tell me, my penumbral fool,
what is this wickedness?
Do you really seek to bind me?
Would you have forsaken your own freedom? For me? For anyone?

Talk and talk.
Leave me in darkness.
I can tell when it is not
a worthwhile pursuit.


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