The Optimist of Opthamology

I’ve always made the best
of any situation that I am in.
It’s my one redeeming quality
that I can proudly proclaim.

When I was young, my parents found
I have an ailment of the eye,
and we’re advised to let me go blind
in the bad, to have one good eye.

They defied that fate, seeking
better for their oldest daughter,
and I had seen more specialists
than any of my friends at four.

I have no depth perception
without my eyes’ bickering against
the other’s point of view, 
both myopic and hyperopic,
I see the past and future,
and consolidate the present.

Tethered to earth, I float a
realm unseen inside imagination
that never seems to shut off.

With these tools, I am given
new perspective, seeing things
as only I can. So whether life
gives me citrus, or a buzz,
I am never without objectivity.

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