Your side is not your side,

nor is mine my own.

What is between.

Somewhere between ambiguity

and clarity, a sublime awareness

awaits, unintrusive, patient, 

and disregarded in a moment’s 


It is not the literal gate that is built

or not built, a river, riverbed, ditch.

It is within our perception

of “our” people,

of “your” people,

hypocritical nation, loss,

abuse, and pride.

It bleeds into irrational

levels of distrust, hatred,

fear of

cultural diversity,

falling to cultural hegemony

in a way that is so comfortable.

There is no more laughter

about a leader who might

not have become a leader

had we chosen to believe it was not

a joke, comedians smiling about

racy jokes, how we become our


Univited is a notion that we

prepared in our heads,

a dissonant hierarchy in our heritage.

Why don’t you speak your native…

What makes a language yours?

Can you not speak a language,

or only speak a language when

it doesn’t feel uncomfortable,

or do we even know what we 


We accuse without pausing to assess.

It takes up too much time, energy.

What matters now? 

It is the moment we don’t take,

consideration, censorship, 

more ignorance than we’d

like to commit.

To break down hatred, we endure.

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