Rabbit to the Stone Wall

Your arrangement of stone, 

still silent,

but today the silence is calming, 

and I must speak to you.


past the stonework

you’ve set in place.

You told me that she was not

worth my trust,

something seemed off. 

She kept invading your mind,

and it bothered you how

I drowned in her words,

revering her advice as if

it were divine.

I questioned the logic in plucking

the arrow from a moral compass,

more outraged at ideology

I thought I could not conceive.

That was the first step back,

to question.

Not long ago, she removed the veil,

eyes burning, features grotesque,

twisted my loyalty to her advantage,

lied to my face, and suspected me.

I spent four days in pain, appetite

missing from my routine, thoughts

constantly thrown 

back to those moments,

the reaction, 

words laced with honey and venom.

Her refutation stuck in my craw,

‘how could you ever think I would

do this?’

I declined such challenge to accuse, 

keeping your silence

as stalwart company.

In the end, the truth was used

only to weigh against,

but I knew exactly 

where I stood,

line drawn between us.


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