She inhaled the air of the world,
allowing its cold to fill her lungs,
and exhaled, warmly, a vapor
filled with all of her joyful feeling.

Her song settled heavily against
the snow, sinking into the ground, melting at her soft melody, radiant
like the coming dawn.

Round wide eyes, and rosy cheeks
kissing the daffodils and dasies,
whispering words of love and affection,
promising to them a life of laughter.

And the little birds who followed her,
each busy with their own tasks,
a flurry of feathers and finicky comments, unafraid of her light touch,
on her shoulders, took a perch.

Spider Queen to her Playmate

See how I made them turn on you?
Alleged allies, friends,
those who claimed to love you
forsake you in the end.
They cannot help it, you see
they are meant to survive,
but you my dear–just you
one flight away from a dive.
One second from waking too early,
or kept up by light bearing distractions,
a sudden urge for pedantic perfection,
or too much use of contractions.

And there they go to leave you here,
my venom, still in you, festers.
You’d like to think you’re well again,
but for that small voice that pesters.
And what chance have you really?
You cannot have friends! Another
I will see to it all you have claimed to love
will certainly forsake you in the end.

You are not a good person,
you lie, you cheat!
The fact you survive yourself
is a feat,
and believe me, I mean
I told you the truth,
if you want to survive me
use cunning and ruth.

But go with your forgiveness
for those who leave you,
those too ashamed to
stand at your side,
those whispering your name,
still hot on their tongues,
and absolve them of sins
they lay upon you.