He saw in the whispers of another,

a smile she’d never showed to him.

An unwarranted swelling of pain

to his pride, but he hid in

his awkward smile.

He felt the rage drip down

his face in hot tears as it

took him over, and soon

he’d become consumed

with the accusation she

loved another.

Such a fickle temptress,

this green eyed goddess

has become, as if she ruled

him the whole time,

stealing his joy for herself.

Clenched hands thrust into

his pockets, and a puffed mask of

tormented anguish and anger,

and she told him it was

nothing, but his mind

had made a truth.

Such lovebirds cast into

catastrophe, green-eyed goddess

turns with a wicked grin

to celebrate an early victory,

a terrible mirth at her stead.

But it was not another laugh

made special for another man,

and she would only become confused

in roiling emotions stirred,

at statements flung at her like knives,

and hurtful judgements

better left unsaid.

How cheerful little bluebirds seem,

but jealousy blackens even

the smallest and purest of hearts.