Explication of a Poem Not Mine

You found my one weakness,
yes, it is true, between trees
and poets I never knew, but
let’s pause a moment, and
allow for some time,
digest ideas from the poem,
going down line by line.

Do I still love you? Can you really say?
The boy who cannot make
anyone stay? Why should I care
about lyrical spouts,
when one, such as you, can’t
assuage my doubts?

Liberating caged birds, well
that’s nice and all,
but it seems that they had no wings
to break the fall.

As for feelings, syntax
and vocabulary,
only one word really stood out,
Enuii, but fear not for you know
how I love to learn, and my love
for new words offset my spurn.

But the last few lines are as unclear
as a bog,
and when you polish your pieces, I suppose they aren’t wrong.

Still, it would be nice
if you understood
sacrificing message for rhyme
is never good.

I’d be open to more time with you
provided you weren’t closed,
but you won’t let me question
and it’s really gotten old.

Here I am safe with my words
and my bees,
now get out of my grove
and away from my trees.