It is my opinion,
you are not fixated.
Not in love-
You’ve never fully come
Emotions hidden under
the deafening rawness
you pretend to feel
hinting at your pain
inside, peek,
if only a moment,

but because you never openly
admit it,
I will not stop to consider.
Look again.
See the hesitation
in your own heart,
and witness the unveiling
of truth.

Stop your nonsense.
We never fully came to love
because you never took
the chance.
Dame Fortune bows
her head in shame.

The constant pining for
unspoken joys that
come from basic
Surely, you realized I
was different, early on.

Your admissions are
somewhat lackluster.
I will never be interested in what
you want to show me.
Move me instead with

Over-ripened honesty
is as reckless as a lie,
and I love without
expectation of
my reactions.